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Automatic Driveway Gates and Solar Powered Gates in Melbourne

The Automatic Gate Shop (AGS) is a growing Melbourne business that works with trusted partners to provide a wide range of automatic driveway gates, security fencing options, solar gates for driveway and more

Among our partners is Italian manufacturer V2; they hold a strong reputation for quality excellence.

From solar power kits to automatic sliding gates & gate motors, V2’s products undergo rigorous testing and refinement to assure quality. We supply V2's range of:

  • Control Boards
  • Transmitters
  • Receivers

V2’s motors are known for being easily installed and operated.

As part of our customer commitment, we make it a priority to provide you with the right product for your project. For the best automatic driveway gates in Melbourne, contact us.

No matter if you are a company or a family, our after-sales service is also there to provide technical support.

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Your Guarantee

Our V2 gate motors come with a two-year warranty. While accessories aren’t covered for normal wear and tear, if any item purchased from us is faulty when it arrives at its intended address we will replace it.

Gate motor warranties do not include damage that result from incorrect installation. For correct installation, the user should follow the provided manual. A 12-month warranty is provided for any labour we undertake.


If you are outside Melbourne and purchase our products via this site or by phone, we can get it to you in good time no matter where you are in Australia. What’s more, we provide excellent after-sales service.

We use Toll as our main carrier. For orders made before noon, we aim to provide a same day dispatch service.

Our Broader Business

Automatic Gate Shop provides quality, automatic driveway gates, solar powered electric gates and fences in Melbourne that are made from high-grade, locally acquired materials including premium aluminium and steel.

Technologically advanced, our wide range of automatic driveway gates in Melbourne are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

We are experts in installing automatic security gates and solar powered electric gates for industrial, commercial and domestic locations. Boom gates for car parks, heavy-duty sliding automatic gates for a manufacturer or a set of remotely-operated automatic electric gates for a residence are but some examples of our product range.

Get in touch with us today for the best driveway gates and automatic electric gates in Melbourne.

Phone 1300 887 365 or enquire online .

Best Deals

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  • Automatic Sliding Gates & Motors
  • Swing Gate Motors

Ayros 1500-I

New Ayros 1500-I Ayros 1500-I
$1,595.00 + GST

JJ-RC-I2 (pocket-sized remote control)

NewSale JJ-RC-I2 (pocket-sized remote control)

Regular Price: $55.00

Special Price $50.00 + GST

MR2 (plug-in receiving module)

NewSale MR2 (plug-in receiving module)

Regular Price: $66.00

Special Price $60.00 + GST

PHOX2 (Personal Pass transmitter)

NewSale PHOX2 (Personal Pass transmitter) PHOX2 (Personal Pass transmitter)

Regular Price: $66.00

Special Price $60.00 + GST

MOOV-B400-24V (swing gate motor)

New MOOV-B400-24V (swing gate motor) MOOV-B400-24V (swing gate motor)
$1,450.00 + GST

BINGO 400 24V (swing gate motor)

New BINGO 400 24V (swing gate motor) BINGO 400 24V (swing gate motor)
$1,950.00 + GST

CITY9 230V (analogue control unit for sliding gates)

NewSale analogue control unit for sliding gates analogue control unit for sliding gates

Regular Price: $528.64

Special Price $264.32 + GST

SENSIVA-WL (orientable, wall-mounted photocells with transmitter)

NewSale SENSIVA-WL (orientable, wall-mounted photocells with transmitter)

Regular Price: $290.00

Special Price $265.00 + GST

ECO-LOGIC KIT (solar energy kit)

NewSale ECO-LOGIC KIT (solar energy kit) ECO-LOGIC KIT (solar energy kit)

Regular Price: $880.00

Special Price $800.00 + GST

PMR2 (wall-mounted personal pass transmitter)

NewSale PMR2 (wall-mounted personal pass transmitter) PMR2 (wall-mounted personal pass transmitter)

Regular Price: $66.00

Special Price $60.00 + GST

SENSIVA-180 (wall-mounted photocells adjustable synchronised)

NewSale SENSIVA-180 (wall-mounted photocells adjustable synchronised)

Regular Price: $150.00

Special Price $135.00 + GST

FORTECO 2200-230V (sliding gate motor)

NewSale FORTECO 2200-230V (sliding gate motor) FORTECO 2200-230V (sliding gate motor)

Regular Price: $1,540.00

Special Price $1,400.00 + GST

WALLY1-U-433 (outdoor receiver)

New WALLY1-U-433 (outdoor receiver) WALLY1-U-433 (outdoor receiver)
$120.00 + GST

SENSIVA (adjustable wall-and pillar-mounted photocells )

NewSale SENSIVA (adjustable wall-and pillar-mounted photocells )

Regular Price: $143.00

Special Price $130.00 + GST

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How do I choose the right Product/Motor

  • Provide comprehensive service for gate auto system, installation, service, maintenance, repair & tech support
  • Our experience technician will guide you thru, to assist in decision making that best suits to your need

When can I get remote control replacement ?

  • Remote gets lost
  • Remotes are faulty
  • Whether remotes are that no one can copy

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  • Servicing Melbourne wide
  • 100% 48 hour turn around service guarantee
  • Innovative Technology with attractive design
  • Friendly experienced technician
  • Products are friendly to end users & security
  • Safety of your automation guarantee
  • Onsite/Remote technical support
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