Every business is different. But a common trend is that, the larger the business, the greater the need to secure the property or premises. A common reason is for security, whether it be for assets or intellectual property. Other reasons include safety for the public, operation regulations, securing underground parking and access restrictions. And despite the security measures in place, the safety considerations, or the reasoning for such measures, you can almost always count on an electric boom gate, being the threshold between inside and out.

Allowing vehicle traffic to access and exit, electric boom gates act as the checkpoint in many of our daily lives. Gate Depot has provided Australia with quality built and electric boom gates, for a broad variety of applications. From traffic control boom arms that are straight to articulated. As such, we can provide a versatile and effective range that can suit any commercial use and meet the demands and traffic flow of any business. Whether it is as simple as keeping out unwanted vehicles, to high security access, we can tailor solutions that meet both their intended purpose and the amount of usage.

Gate Depot sources only the highest quality components and materials, meaning that our electric boom gates can open and close again, and again. We believe in our products so much in fact, that we even provide up to a 12-month labour warranty on our industrious models. So, no matter what you need it for, invest in an electric boom gate. From automation to reliability, Gate Depot can provide the best in quality, and leave you feeling secure.

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