Whenever people look at the front of a house, one thing that will make a house stand out is if it has a big, strong-looking gate in the driveway. Quite simply, big sliding gates look impressive. Any house would stand out more for having one of these installed, while also maintaining its security.

The kerbside appeal of your house will be even higher if you have a solar powered gate added to your property. Gate Depot work with our trusted manufacturing partners so we can offer our clients a wide range of gates to both protect and enhance the look of their home.

Gate Depot can provide you with solar powered driveway gates to suit your needs and budget. Depending on where your gate is located, we can set up one of our solar powered gates to suit your property. Our solar powered gates include self-sufficient, low voltage batteries that are charged throughout the day by sunlight, feeding energy into the unit to be used during both the day and night at your convenience.

The benefits of solar powered driveway gates

As the name suggests, automatic solar powered gates are powered by solar energy. This mean there is no need to run mains power down to your gate anymore. People have become more conscious about the environment and how much electricity people tend to use. Gate Depot can sell and install our driveway gates for the front of your home, giving it a whole new look, while also being great for the environment.

Solar power is a great option to consider for various reasons. Solar powered gates will reduce the amount of energy consumed from the grid and save you money. These systems are great for gates that are being frequently opened and closed often throughout the day.

Solar powered gates can be relied upon at any time and any day, including days when the weather is very overcast. Better yet, these gates feature optional obstruction sensors for better safety, keyless entry keypad, remote controls, and automatic electric security locking for your convenience. Opening and closing traditional driveway gates can be annoying and time consuming, not to mention waste your car’s fuel while the car is stationary. With one of our gates installed, these nuisances will be a thing of the past.

Our solar powered driveway gates combine convenience with innovative technology. Solar powered gates are perfect for both inward and outward opening, while also being a more eco-friendly, cost-effective option for you in the long term. When you see your electricity bill costing less, you will see the difference, meaning you have more money in your pocket.

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